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Release Shabir Ahmed Shah

Saghar rejects JuH's contention, says Kashmir an internationally recognized dispute

Islamabad: While rejecting the Jamiat Ulema-e-Hind's (JUH) contention on Kashmir, the vice president Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar has said that Kashmir is a an internationally recognized dispute, pending on the agenda of UN Security Council.
" The JuH leadership that acts on whims and fancies of Bartiya Janta Party (BJP) has no locus standi whatsoever to comment on Kashmir and the future of Kashmiris who had started their struggle long before the independence India and Pakistan", Saghar said while reacting to the JUH resolution saying that Kashmir is an "integral part" of India.
Terming it as an insidious attempt to distort the historical facts he said such baseless and crafty statements meant to appease one particular party cannot change the disputed nature of Kashmir dispute. "Rather than becoming a mouthpiece of BJP government, the so-called religious scholars, who claim to be representatives of the Muslims of India, should muster some courage and speak truth before the oppressor", Saghar said adding that if the JuH lacks the courage to speak a word of truth to tyrant it is better for them to remain silent. The DFP leader maintained that JuH could speak on behalf of Indian Muslims who choose to stay in India in 1947 but not about Kashmir, which has never been part of Indian dominion.

Saghar thanks M Bachelet for raising voice against continued curfew in IoK

Says impending crisis a great challenge to world conscience

Islamabad: The vice president Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar on Wednesday thanked the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet for raising a strong voice against the continued Indian atrocities in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir as well as demanding the lifting of curfew and lockdown at the start of 42nd session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Saghar said that the statement has generated a wave of optimism among the millions of Kashmir who continued to suffer due to continuous curfew and communication blockade imposed by India after stripping the region of its decades' old special status by revoking article 370 and 35-A of the Indian constitution on August 05. The DFP leader said that India has unleashed a reign of terror in the occupied territory where people caged in their own homes were facing food and medicine shortages. Urging the world powers to play their role to end the inhuman siege on Kashmiris Saghar said that impending humanitarian crisis looming large on the horizons of the disputed territory was a great challenge to world conscience.

Saghar seeks P5 countries' role in ending horrifying siege of IOK

Islamabad: The Vice President of Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (DFP), Mehmood Ahmed Saghar, has urged the world leaders to play their pro-active role in ending the horrific siege on Kashmiris who have been caged in their homes and held incommunicado since the BJP government striped occupied Kashmir of its special status.

In a letter addressed to the leaders of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, Mehmood Ahmed Saghar maintained that India's illegal move to strip the occupied territory of its special status by revoking Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution through a Presidential Order was a flagrant violations of the UN resolutions. Terming it as an act of aggression, he said that the illegal annexation of the territory was not only open violation of the international covenants but a ruthless assault on the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, who have been time and again pushed into throes of instability and perpetual violence by the Indian State.

Highlighting the prevailing precarious situation in the region, the statement said, "The events unfolding in restive region are indicative of a much bigger problem". The volatile situation, he said, may probably lead to a bigger conflict having serious implications for peace and stability of South Asia.

While seeking the P5 countries' attention towards the extremely dangerous situation in the occupied territory, the DFP leader said, "Kashmir is in a state of great turmoil, the entire population of nearly 8 million people has been imprisoned in their homes by more than 800,000 Indian Army and paramilitary troops. All forms of communication have been cut off and the people are unable to reach out for support or emergency assistance". He said that leaders of all sorts of socio-political organizations, business leaders and social activists have been placed under house arrest. "Voices of human rights defenders have been silenced and subjugated. Section 144 forbidding any gathering of citizens has been imposed to prevent the movement of people", he said.

"The entire valley has been turned into an open-air-jail by the Indian authorities, normal life has been brought to a grinding halt and people caged in their homes have been living in horrifying conditions," Saghar said, adding that despite the passage of more than two weeks the inhuman siege continues unabated. This inhuman lockdown, he said, has led to shortage of medicines and essential food commodities in the troubled region. "The eyes of the international community must open to the fact that the worst effected in this inhuman clampdown are the children and senior citizens."

Urging the P5 countries to take necessary anticipatory measures to avert the warlike situation he said that in view of the critical situation the permanent members of the UN Security Council should impress upon the government of India to reverse the Presidential Order, which was in open contravention of the UN resolutions prohibiting the parties concerned from taking any unilateral action aimed at changing the disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir.

Denouncing New Delhi's expansionist designs, Mehmmod Ahmed Saghar, said that Government of India has yet again shown total disregard for the United Nations and the rights of the people. Regarding dialogue he sought the world leaders' attention towards the fact that India's stubbornness was a major hurdle and a stumbling block in the way of peace and stability in the region. "India has rejected all previous calls for talks between the concerned parties and has outrightly rejected third party mediation on the issue of Kashmir," he said.

"The recent action by the government of India has virtually blocked the possibility of a real and inclusive dialogue between the parties to find out a peaceful solution of the Kashmir conflict, as New Delhi strictly sticks to its policy of intransigence and no-talk policy with Pakistan and the people of Kashmir who are fighting for their legitimate right, guaranteed to them by no less an authority than the United Nations," Saghar said, adding that this stubborn attitude by the Indian state was actually dragging the South Asian region into a war with far more dangerous consequences.

Under the given circumstance, he said, there is a dire need that the international community should come forward in a big way, voice its support for the legitimate demands of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, play its role to end lockdown in Kashmir, protect the Kashmiri people and pressurize the Government of India to resolve the conflict in line with the relevant UN resolutions.

He cautioned that in this time of extreme turmoil inaction on the part of the members of the highest body (UN) on Kashmir will have devastating consequences for peace and security not only in Jammu and Kashmir but for the whole region.

He said, Kashmiris have been craving for peace but peace with dignity and honour. The lasting peace in the region could be achieved only if the lingering dispute is addressed in its true historical and legal perspective i.e. the future status of Jammu and Kashmir shall be determined in accordance with the will of the people, he added.

He expressed the optimism that the peace and justice loving nations across the globe will firmly stand with the oppressed Kashmiris who are being punished with vengeance for demanding Azadi (freedom) and the implementation of the UN resolutions, which guaranteed them the right to self-determination.

Meanwhile, the DFP Vice President expressed his gratitude to the government and the people of Pakistan for expressing complete solidarity with the besieged masses of occupied Kashmir. He hoped that the incumbent government will continue to pursue a pro-active foreign policy to galvanise the support of the international community for a peaceful and early settlement of the Kashmir dispute.

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Shah being punished for his historic role in freedom struggle: Mehmood Saghar

Says DFP chairman devoted his entire life for Kashmir cause
Islamabad: While hailing the incarcerated party chairman Shabir Ahmed Shah's supreme sacrifices and indomitable role in the ongoing freedom struggle, the former convener of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (Pak chapter) and senior vice president Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar has said that Shah was being subjected to political vengeance because of his historic role in the freedom struggle.
Paying tributes to the party chairman who is under illegal detention in New Delhi's Tihar jail for last two years Saghar regrettably noted that the Indian authorities launched a systematic smear campaign against Shah who, he said, had spent more than half of his life in Indian jails and interrogation centers just for advocating the Kashmiris' inalienable right the right to self-determination guaranteed to them by the international community. Terming Shah as the icon of ongoing resistance movement the DFP leader said that New Delhi must realize the reality that it cannot deter Kashmiri leaders like Shabir Ahmed Shah from pursuing the national cause by resorting to vicious smear campaign and throwing them behind the bars by filling trumped-up charges against them. The struggling people of Kashmir he said were mature enough to understand the Indian ploys aimed at creating chaos and destroying the public image of resistance leaders who have always been at the forefront of the freedom movement. "The Kashmiri civil society is politically conscious and will never get swayed by this state-sponsored propaganda", Saghar added.
Urging New Delhi to shun its age-old trickery of twisting history and spreading lies he said must accept the historic reality that Kashmir is a dispute, which cannot be just ignored or brushed away by paddling baseless and concocted narratives. "It is time that Indian leadership must confront this bitter reality and come forward with a positive state of mind to address this issue in its historical perspective", Saghar said adding that palming off and on was no solution to the lingering dispute.
Saghar also urged the peace loving people across the globe particularly the rights defenders to play their much needed role to ensure early and safe reales of Shabir Ahmed Shah and thousdands of other Kashmiri priosoners langushing in Indian jails.




Islamabad: Foremer APHC convener and senior vice president Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar speaks at a function held in rememberance of July 13 Kashmiri martrys at APHC office Islamabad. APHC convener Syed Faiz Naqashbandi, Syed Yousuf Naseem, Ghulam Nabi Nowshari and others are present on the ocassion



Latest On Kashmir

Indian State's Instrument of Control in Indian administered Jammu and Kashmir
While hailing Pakistan's readiness to President Trump's offer to mediate Kashmir issue Saghar said, "Since the bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan have failed to yield any results Kashmiris believe that a deeper engagement on the part of the US government is imperative to make a breakthrough on Kashmir issue". "The statement by the US president also rejects the Indian contention on the issue and amply demonstrates the fact that Kashmir is a dispute that needs to be resolved peacefully in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of Kashmiri people", Saghar said.

DFP welcomes President Trump's offer to mediate Kashmir dispute

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party on Tuesday welcomed Donald Trump's offer for mediation on Kashmir. Urging the Indian leadership to respond positively to Trump's offer the DFP spokesman in a statement said that it was high time that New Delhi should accept the offer so that the issue of Kashmir could be settled peacefully once and for all.
"The lingering Kashmir dispute has been main cause of unrest and bloodshed in the region", the statement said adding that it was golden opportunity for India to get rid of the conflict that has been a constant threat to peace and stability of the region. "India must demonstrate political wisdom and maturity by availing this great opportunity", the statement added. The spokesman said that the US president Donald Trump's remarks on Kashmir bear witness to the fact that India cannot hoodwink international community by paddling its concocted and baseless narratives.
Referring to the party chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah's illegal and continuous detention the spokesman said that India had failed to break DFP Chairman's resolve for freedom. Pertinently, the JKDFP chairman Shabir Ahmed Shah is completing his two-year imprisonment in Tihar jail on 25 July. The DFP chairman was arrested by Enforcement Directorate (ED) in July 2017 and he was soon shifted to Tihar Jail Delhi where he is lodged till date. Terming Kashmiri prisoners' illegal detention as a flagrant violation of the international covenants the spokesman said that India being a signatory has no respect for the law, which exclusively speaks about the civil and political rights of the prisoners. Seeking an early release of the incarcerated party chairman the spokesman urged the world human right organizations to play their much needed role in release of Shabir Ahmed Shah and other political prisoners languishing in Indian jails and detention centers in and outside Jammu and Kashmir.
Meanwhile, welcoming the US President Donald Trump's offer to mediate Kashmir conflict, the former convener of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (Pak chapter) and senior vice president Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar has said that it was high time that New Delhi should seize the moment and reciprocate positively. Terming the offer as a historic opportunity to seek a peaceful settlement of the lingering Kashmir-dispute, the DFP veteran in a statement here on Tuesday said, "Since the US president's mediation offer has opened up a new window of opportunity to restart a meaningful and result oriented dialogue on Kashmir, it is high time that New Delhi should seize the moment and take concrete steps for permanent resolution of this issue".
Saghar said that the India and Pakistanís troubled relationship stands witness to the fact that the two countries have miserably failed to resolve the long pending Kashmir issue bilaterally. "It is time to move beyond bilateralism, it has badly failed to reach an agreement on Kashmir", he said adding that the decades' long conflict would continue to fuel uncertainty and unrest in the region if left unaddressed. He said that the struggling people of Jammu and Kashmir in general and Hurriyat leadership in particular have always supported a meaningful and constructive dialogue between India and Pakistan for the resolution of Kashmir dispute. While hailing Pakistan's readiness to President Trump's offer to mediate Kashmir issue Saghar said that deeper engagement on the part of the US government was imperative to bring New Delhi to the negotiating table.

DFP seeks world community's role for release of its incarcerated chairman

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has appealed to the justice-loving people of the world to raise their voice against the illegal detention of party Chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah and other political prisoners of Kashmir, lodged in Indian jails.
The DFP in a statement issued in Srinagar, today, said that Shah was being punished only for advocating political rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, so his continuous imprisonment was nothing but political vendetta.
The statement said that Shabir Shah and other Kashmiri political prisoners were not even being heard in the judiciary which had made the situation more complicated for them. Shabir Shah was taken to court on 12th July for hearing but the concerned judge was on leave and the other available judge refused to hear the case. "Not even the order for video conference was passed and senior resistance leader of Kashmir was returned back to Tihar jail," the statement maintained.
The DFP said that Shabir Shah's health had deteriorated to an alarming level and the irony was that he was not being provided suitable treatment despite court directions. "Same is the case with other Kashmiri prisoners who are facing baseless and fabricated charges like Shabir Shah", the statement concluded.

13 July, a chilling reminder of terrors of Dogra rule

Martyrs Day: glowing tributes paid to July 13 martyrs

Nisar Ahmed Thakur
Islamabad: Speakers at a function held at APHC office here on Saturday paid glowing tributes to Kashmiri Martyrs who on this day in 1931 were gunned down by forces of the Dogra Maharaja outside the Srinagar Central Jail.
Recalling the martyrs' supreme sacrifices the speakers said, "The incident serves as a chilling reminder of the terrors of totalitarian regime and the atrocities it had committed against innocent and unarmed people of the state". Terming it as a unique precedent in the Islamic history they said that martyrdom of 22 Kashmiris and subsequent uprising against the Dogra regime resulted in the rise of political awakening in the region.Drawing parallels between 1931 incident and the ongoing resistance movement in the region they said that 13 July 1931 was not only an important mile stone but a turning point in the history of Kashmir. "Kashmiris' ongoing struggle is in fact an extension of the 1931 mass uprising and revolt against Dogra regime", one of the speakers said adding that since 1989 thousands of Kashmiris have been killed for raising their voice in favour of their political and democratic rights guaranteed to them by no less an authority than the United Nations.
Lauding the Kashmiris' resilience against Indian state-terrorism they said that the valiant people of Kashmir were scripting the history of resistance with their red hot blood. "Despite offering unpredicted sacrifices Kashmiris are far away from their goal", they noted, regrettably. Terming disarray amongst the leadership as one of the reasons behind the non-resolution of the lingering K-dispute they said that unanimity and concurrence at the leadership level was key to success. The speakers, however, praised the pro-freedom leadership for spearheading the movement with utmost courage and diligence notwithstanding the pressure tactics by the Indian state.
Hailing the UNHCR report on Kashmir they said that the unresolved Kashmir dispute was the cause and consequence of rights violations in the region. They were of the opinion that the issue of human rights was directly linked to the political aspirations of the people of Kashmir.
"Unless the political aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir are addressed, nonetheless, the human rights situation in the region cannot improve", they said adding that for any positive change to take place in the region India needs to reverse its current course and come forward with a positive state of mind to settle the Kashmir issue peacefully keeping in view its political and history perspective.
The speakers on the occasion urged the global community to shun its policy of indifference and play its pivotal role in resolving the dispute once and for all.
Of those who spoke on the occasion included former president of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar M Yaqoob Khan, APHC convener Syed Faiz Naqashbandi, Syed Yousuf Naseem, Mehmood Ahmed Saghar, JKLF leader Salem Haroon, Abdul Majeed Mir, Shoukat Hussain Bhat, Sheikh Abdul Mateen and others, whereas the function was presided over by senior JI leader Moulana Ghulam Nabi Nowshahri.

Incarcerated Shabir Shah pays eulogizing tribute to Burhan Wani

Srinagar: Incarcerated Chairman of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) Shabir Shah has paid eulogizing tributes to Shaheed Burhan Muzaffar Wani on his third martyrdom anniversary. Shabir Shah has also remembered all those who were martyred during the 2016 uprising.
In his message from Tihar jail, Delhi, Shah while remembering the supreme sacrifices of Shaheed Burhan Wani said that the charismatic freedom fighter exhibited political maturity at a young age and before his martyrdom showed a way of resistance to youth which they are following religiously since then.
Terming Shaheed Burhan Wani as the youngest resistance leader world over who rules the hearts and minds of the people even after his death, the illegally detained leader said in his message that Shaheed Burhan will be remembered for his efforts to keep the youth united and hold the torch of resistance strongly.
Shabir Shah, who is undergoing continuous imprisonment despite being seriously ill, also remembered all those martyred by forces during 2016 uprising. He said that Kashmir is the only region in the whole world where people are being killed for raising their voice and holding protests. He appealed the justice loving people, institutions and powers of the world to take serious measures to save the Kashmiri people

DFP concerned about continued arrest of Shah, others

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has expressed serious concern over the continued illegal arrest of its Chairman and senior resistance leader, Shabbir Ahmad Shah and other Hurriyat leaders languishing in infamous Tihar jail in New Delhi.
The DFP spokesman in a statement said that even after the passage of two years after the arrest of Shabir Shah, nothing had been proved against him. Pertinently Shah was arrested by the Indian Enforcement Directorate in July 2017 in Srinagar and was soon shifted to Tihar jail, Delhi.
He said party chairman, Shabir Ahmad Shah, languishing in Tihar jail, is exhibiting steadfastness and despite his serious ailments and has time and again explained the importance of the resolution of Kashmir dispute whenever he gets a chance to speak.
He said investigating agencies have miserably failed to prove anything against Shah but the Indian courts do not release him. He said it is more painful that courts were taking too long in completing the trial of the illegally detained leader who has been arrested in fake cases.
The spokesman praised party chairman for exhibiting commitment throughout his life, saying Shabir Shah is the name of a political figure that has not learnt to surrender. "Shah has always propagated his ideology of resolution by political means and it is this peaceful ideology for which he is being punished", he added.

Delhi court sends Shah, Masarrat, Aasiya to judicial custody

Saghar concerned over continued detention of Hurriyat leaders

New Delhi, June 14: A Delhi court has sent illegally detained Hurriyat leaders, Shabbir Ahmed Shah, Masarrat Alam Butt and Aasiya Andrabi, to judicial custody till July 12.

Delhi's Patiala House Court remanded Shabbir Shah, Masarrat Alam and Aasiya Andrabi to judicial custody till 12th July. The leaders are facing illegal detention in fake cases registered against them by India's National Investigation Agency (NIA) and are presently lodged in infamous Tihar Jail New Delhi.Meanwhile, DFP vice president expressed serious concern over the continued illegal detention of Hurriyat leaders and urged the international human rights bodies to play their due role to help release the Kashmiri prisoners who he said were subjected to retribution and political vengeance.

JKDFP condemns summoning of Shabir Shah's daughter by ED

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party has condemned the issuance of ED summon to Sama Shabir, the daughter of incarcerated chairman of party Shabir Ahmed Shah.

Pertinently, Sama Shabir topped CBSE class 12th examination in May last year. ED has issued summon to Sama Shabir directing her to appear before it.The party leader Muhammad Abdullah Tari during a presser said that ED summoning Sama Shabir amply proves that New Delhi is intimidating Shabir Shah by using unethical means.

Summoning of Sama Shabir is a sheer example of harassing Shabir Shah's family. New Delhi is continuously using its institutions to silent the people and harass its political opponents,Tari said.It is beyond understanding what ED wants from a girl who is ignorant about matters like these. This is only to pressurize senior resistance leader Shabir Shah who is already facing worst kind of political vendetta at the hands of Indian state and is languishing in infamous Tihar jail Delhi, despite his serious ailments,he said

ED notices to Shah's daughters unethical: DFP

Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Wednesday condemned in strong terms the issuance of notices by Enforcement Directorate (ED) to the daughters of its incarcerated chairman, Shabir Ahmed Shah.
The JKDFP spokesperson said that ED out of frustration has sent separate notices to even to minor daughters of Shabir Shah which is an evident example that New Delhi is intimidating Shabir Shah by using even unethical means.
Terming the attaching of the house of Shabir Shah as a sheer example of harassing his family, the JKDFP said that New Delhi is continuously using its institutions to silent the people and harass its political opponents. Reacting sharply against the ED order, the JKDFP said that the inhuman approach of New Delhi towards Shabir Shah and other resistance leaders and activists of Kashmir, is an ample proof that India is least bothered about the people of Kashmir and instead it is interested in the land only.

To issue a notice of attachment of the house of Shabir Shah is nothing but inhuman face of the Indian democracy, JKDFP added.
The ED has issued separate notices of attachment of their residential house to Dr Bilquies Shah, Shabir Shah and their two daughters.

Not a single voice rising in support of the oppressed Kashmiris: JKDFP

Srinagar: Kashmiri people are being targeted on all fronts by New Delhi leading to a forced silence all around. The irony is that not a single voice is rising in support of the oppressed people of Kashmir, said Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) in a statement whose chairman, Shabir Shah is facing political vendetta at the hands of the political leadership of India and is languishing in Tihar jail along with other resistance leaders and activists.

DFP Spokesman said that Indian political leadership has stooped to the lowest level of moral and ethical bankruptcy by invoking investigating agencies like NIA and ED against the suppressed Kashmiris to make them silently because they used to raise their voice in favour of their internationally acknowledged political rights.

Political leadership has been caged and it is being intimidated and no political activity is allowed in the disputed region. Whoever tries to raise his voice by democratic means is being put in jails. The irony is that close relatives of political leaders are being harassed by booking them in fake cases and by attaching their legal properties as was done by Nazi rulers, he said. Spokesman said sarcastically, the occupiers now decide for people on what day they should come out of their homes and travel by imposing two days road block in a weak. This is only to add to the sufferings of the common people including patients, businessmen, students and daily commuters.

In fact New Delhi and its agencies harass and intimidate people in Kashmir just to pressurize them so that they surrender their rights and remain silent. It is unfortunate that ghost of NIA and ED is threatening every freedom loving person, their families and businessman. Pro-freedom people are facing atrocities, curbs, jails, interrogation at the hands of India from decades, however New Delhi can yield nothing out of such coercive measures, he added

Killing political opponents is the worst kind of state-terrorism: DFP

Srinagar: Terming the custodial killing of Rizwan Pandit of Awnatipora a barbaric act, Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has said that killing political opponents is the worst kind of state terrorism.
The JKDFP Spokesperson said in a statement that Kashmiri people are facing such tyranny from last three decades and the irony is that the culprits are being given promotions instead of taking them to book. This has made the situation so worst that now police are arresting an innocent school teacher and kill him in custody.
Expressing solidarity with the bereaved family, JKDFP Spokesperson appealed the human rights activists to come forward and take this serious issue to the international court of justice so that the culprits are given exemplary punishment.

DFP concerned over arrest spree in IoK

Srinagar: In occupied Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has expressed concern over the raids and arrests in nook and corner of the valley.
The party spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar said arresting hundreds of people for their political ideologies has turned the territory into a big jail where people are scared even expressing their feelings.
He said the men in uniform have been set free to arrest each and every Kashmiri who has a different political ideology. The irony is that these undemocratic arrests are being made just before the so-called parliamentary elections, he said, adding caging people before elections is a mockery in the name of democracy.

DFP concerned over well being of Shabir Shah

Srinagar: Democratic Freedom Party on Sunday expressed serious concern over the well being of its incarcerated chairman Shabir Ahmed Shah presently lodged in New Delhi's notorious Tihar Jail.
Addressing a press conference, DFP, spokesman Bashir Aziz expressed the party's concern over the well being of Shah following the disturbing rumours about his health. "The criminal silence of authorities is adding deep suspicion over the well being of our leader", the spokesman said adding that Shah's lawyer and above all his family, well wishers and his supporters were concerned over his well being.The spokesman also condemned the government's order wherein it had claimed that Shah's security cover was withdrawn. "There is no security cover for Shah as he has been languishing in jail for last two years", the spokesman said adding that no security whatsoever was ever sought in the past nor did he (Shah ) need it in future. The DFP spokesman appealed people to remain steadfast at this hour as New Delhi has employed psychological warfare against Kashmiris by issuing advisories from past two days".

Islamabad seminar calls for early settlement of K-dispute

Lauds Shah for his role in advancing cause of right to self-determination

Nisar Ahmed Thakur
Islamabad: Seeking an early and peaceful settlement of lingering Kashmir dispute the speakers at a seminar hosted by Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party here on Tuesday urged the world community to play its due role in resolving the long drawn conflict, which they said was the main cause and consequence of rights violations in the region.
The seminar titled "The Freedom Struggle of Kashmir and role of Shabir Ahmed Shah" was presided over by Moulana Fazl-ur-Rehman the former chairman Parliamentary Kashmir Committee and addressed by JI-AJK Chief Dr. Khalid Mehmood, JUI-AJK leader Moulana M Yousuf, Sardar Usman Attique Khan, Moulana Ab. Aziz Alvi, senior vice president Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar, Shaikh Tajamulul Islam Executive Director Kashmir Media Service, Syed Faiz Naqashbandi convener APHC-Pak chapter, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani, Ghulam Muhammad Safi, Moulana Ghulam Nabi Nowshahri, Dr. Syed Nazir Gilani, Syed Abdullah Gilani convener APHC-Pak chapter, Altaf Hussain Wani, Altaf Bhat, Prof. Nazir Ahmed Shawl, Rafique Ahmed Dar, Aslam Malik, Abdul Mateen and several others.

The speakers on the occasion paid eulogizing tributes to the subjugated but determined masses of Jammu and Kashmir for their resilience, courage and determination in the face of "Indian brutality and state-repression". They also paid homage to Kashmiri martyrs who have laid down their precious lives in pursuit of the noble cause of freedom from Indian subjugation. The seminar also appreciated veteran Hurriyat leader Shabir Ahmed Shah for his unwavering commitment, indomitable role and peerless contribution towards the ongoing struggle for right to self-determination. Terming Shah as symbol of courage and perseverance they said that the incarcerated leader has spent half of his life in Indian jails, detention and interrogation centers in and outside Kashmir valley. The speakers termed the arrest of DFP chairman Shabir Ahmed Shah and others by the official of Indian Enforcement Directorate as ultra-vires saying that the ED had no legal authority to arrest Kashmiri leaders.

The speakers denounced in strong terms what they called the stepped up Indian state terrorism, genocide of Kashmiri youth and use of excessive force against civilians by Indian forces, arrest of minors under notorious Public Safety Act (PSA) and the recent spate of violence that had resulted in widespread destruction and death of over 500 Kashmiris during year 2018. They also lambasted the government of India for using National Investigation Agency as a tool to harass and humiliate Hurriyat leaders and their families.

Voicing their serious concern over the Indian naked aggression, unprovoked shelling on civilian population by Indian forces on the line of control (LoC) the speakers observed that the Indian government's policy of deceit and deception and its hegemonic designs was as a direct threat to peace and stability in South Asia.

The seminar further acknowledges the fact that the right of self-determination was an inalienable and non-negotiable right of the people of Jammu and Kashmir, guaranteed to them by no less an authority than the United Nations. They stated that a just settlement of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with relevant Security Council resolutions is imperative for a lasting peace and stability in the South Asian region. Decrying India's muscular policy on Kashmir the speakers made it clear that Kashmiris' ongoing legitimate and indigenous political struggle for right to self-determination could not be suppressed in the guise of so-called terrorism mantra being paddled by India saying that India's policy of intransigence was the biggest hurdle in peaceful settlement of the lingering Kashmir dispute.

Highlighting the legitimacy of Kashmiris' struggle they said that Kashmir dispute was fundamentally a political and legal issue that needs to be addressed in its true legal and historical perspective. They realised that for any positive change to take place in Kashmir, India needs to reverse its current course, allow an unhindered access to international human rights organizations to investigate ongoing human rights violations in the region. 

Stressing the need for peace settlement of Kashmir dispute they said, "Tripartite dialogue involving Kashmiris, Pakistan and India is the best way forward to address the long-running dispute of Jammu and Kashmir".

Ruling out a military solution to the Kashmir issue they said that India must acknowledge the ground reality and sit across the table with Pakistan and genuine representatives of the Kashmiri people to work out modalities for a peaceful settlement of the festering dispute.

Welcoming the first-ever report issued by the Office of United Nations Human Rights Commission and the All Parties Parliamentary Kashmir Group of the UK parliament report on the situation in occupied Jammu & Kashmir the participants of the seminar termed these reports as eye-opener for International Community and an indictment of New Delhi's destructive & dodgy role in Kashmir.

Hailing Pakistan's continued political, moral and diplomatic support to Kashmir cause and its commitment to peaceful settlement of Kashmir dispute they urged the incumbent democratic dispensation of Pakistan to launch a vigorous campaign at the international level to sensitize the world about the appalling situation of human rights in the Indian Occupied Kashmir. 

The speakers observed that for an effective Kashmir awareness campaign at International level the government and foreign office of Pakistan must identify articulate voices with an in-depth knowledge on the subject. 

Urging New Delhi to fully respect the right of self-determination of the people of Kashmir as protected under international law the seminar demanded establishment of commission of inquiry (CoI) as recommended by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in his report dated June 14 2018.

Voicing their serious concerns over the massive troops' concentration in Kashmir the speakers maintained that the UN Secretary General must ensure that Indian security forces are brought under three restraints i.e. behaviour, number and location as envisaged in the UNSC resolution of 21 April 1948.

The participants of the seminar called on international community particularly the UN to pressurize India to put an immediate halt to continued bloodshed, systematic violence and flagrant human rights violations in Kashmir, stop the blatant use of chemical weapons and pellet-firing shotguns, which they said have been responsible for blinding, killing and traumatizing people in Kashmir.

A declaration issued at the end of seminar also urged upon the UN secretary general to influence India to allow a fact finding mission to visit Kashmir to investigate the grave situation in the disputed territory in line with recommendations of the UNHRC report.

The declaration sought revocation of all black laws granting sweeping impunity to Indian forces, restrictions on media, internet and social network and restoration of fundamental freedoms i.e. freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of thought, freedom of belief, freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association in Kashmir.

Through another resolution the seminar sought safety and early release of Kashmiri prisoners languishing in jails, detention and interrogation centers in and outside occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

Curbs after killings add to brutalities: JKDFP

Srinagar December 17 : In occupied Kashmir, the Jammu and Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has said that curbs and restrictions after killing add to brutalities. The JKDFP spokesman in a statement issued in Srinagar strongly condemned the imposition of curfew in Srinagar and south Kashmir areas and said Indian authorities and their local agents donít allow people even to mourn. He said caging people after every brutal killing has become a norm in Kashmir and ironically the Indian authorities are posing as if nothing is wrong in the disputed region. Unfortunately, the whole world is deceived by the Indian propaganda and there is not a single voice in the whole world to condemn the Indian brutalities in Kashmir, the spokesman added. He said the men in uniform have been set free to kill and injure whosoever tries to raise voice against the ongoing state terrorism in Kashmir. The killing of unarmed civilians has become a norm in the disputed region and this all is done by a country which claims to be the largest democracy. The party, however, pledged to take the cause of freedom forward at any cost. The spokesman hailed the steadfastness of the people of Kashmir against the brutal and inhuman approach of India. He said people of Kashmir have burnt down their boats and they have decided to keep the journey on until they are granted an opportunity to decide about their political future. Expressing solidarity with the people, whose nears and dears were massacred by the Indian forces at Kharepora area of Pulwama, the spokesman said blood of innocent youth will soon destroy the castles of oppression.

Saghar concerned over HR violations in Kashmir

Islamabad December 10 : The former convener of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (Pak chapter) and senior vice president of Democratic Freedom Party Mehmood Ahmed Saghar while voicing his serious concern over the worsening human rights situation in Kashmir has urged the international community to help resolving Kashmir dispute, which he said was the cause and consequence of rights violations in the region. In a press statement issued here on Monday, the DFP leader said that world community's silence over the grim situation of Kashmir had given a sense of impunity to India and its forces to commit more human rights violations in the region. Referring to a report released by International Forum for Justice Human Rights JK (IFJHRJK), he said that in 2018 as many as 103 civilians were killed by Indian troops in Kashmir. Seeking an end to continued bloodshed in Kashmir Saghar regrettably noted that innocent people were being arrested on frivolous charges and detained in different jails while the youth are being pushed to the wall. Calling for a peaceful and early settlement of long running dispute he said, "While the world is observing International Human Rights Day, today, I call upon International human rights agencies to take serious notice of human rights violations committed by Indian troops in the region and force India to stop the violations". Terming India as a violator of international covenants Saghar said that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which became the global standard for defending and promoting human rights all over the world, was being trampled down by India in Kashmir where fundamental rights of the Kashmiris are not protected. "Innocent civilians particularly youth are being killed day in and day out, people are being thrashed, harassed and humiliated, whereas the political leadership has been thrown behind the bars", he said adding that Kashmir has been turned into a virtual jail where no one has right to speak. Terming Indian hegemony as a biggest threat to peace in the region he said that it was high time that the world community should come forward in a big way to help resolve this dispute that has brought death and destruction in the region.



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